A Familiar Feeling

You’re sitting here
With this familiar feeling
That is too hard for you to erase.
Suffocated with these emotions
In a room full of people
But not one to talk to.
The fear creeps upon you
But nobody to save you
And though there’s a light shining bright,
You can only see the darkness
With tears traveling down your cheek
You realise you’re too broken and weak.


Maya woke up early today. Unlike the usual days, where she would wake up to the sun rays hitting her face directly, her father’s loud and unending knocks and her sister’s unending screams.
As usual, she’d drag herself out of the bed, hoping to avoid her parents pathetic lectures on “Early to bed, early to rise.”
Maya would then eat her breakfast and would spend the rest of the day lazily going around the house in search of food, binge watching shows, go through her phone and isolate herself everytime she has a breakdown that hits her out of no where. This is her routine each and everyday.
But today was different. Watching the sunrise from her balcony, thoughts flooded her head. She wanted to do something more and something different. She wondered what happened to the times, when she was happy and felt alive. How has she become this lazy and sad?
She thought of all insecurities that she had. The insecurities she wasn’t responsible for. She didn’t want to feel them anymore. She wanted to be loved and cared. She wanted to be assured that everything will be okay. She wanted someone by her side.
As she was lost deep in her thoughts, she decided to change a few things. Atleast a few things she was capable of. She knew she could change things if she was determined to. She was strong willed to be happy all over again.
Maya decided to change today. At this very moment.

The Fire

Like the blazing fire you were,
Deceived by your red and orange fiery flames,
Warm and welcoming at first,
Crackling and snapping as i got closer
Blistering my skin before i realized,
Was a pile of ashes in no time.

The Fire